American Ninja Warrior-themed Birthday Party {Swish Parties}

My son is officially SEVEN years old.  And for as long as he could talk and be understood, he’s had definite ideas about what kind of birthday party he wants.  (Take a look here and here.)  Many times, it’s a very unique combination. When he turned three, it was airplanes, trains, and pancakes.  Last year it was Legos and Ice Cream.  This year it was a great theme – one I haven’t seen done before:  American Ninja Warriors combined with Parkour Gymnastics.  If you haven’t seen the show since it was cancelled, you can usually pick up the re-runs on cable.   It’s a classic obstacle course with burly men and women facing some of the most amazing strength tests you could imagine.  He picked “parkour” because he’s been taking classes for the last 5-6 month at the gym.

Designing the printables was easy.  I used the show’s logo as inspiration, added in a few traditional “ninja” elements, and before I knew it, the whole suite was done and ready for printing.

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party - Table Setup

Since the party was in the middle of the day, at a local gymnastics center, we didn’t need a lot of food.  Cupcakes, lots of water, and a mini-popcorn bar were plenty for the group of 17 kids who came to test their strength.

American Ninja Warrior Cupcakes - with cupcake wraps and toppers
American NInja Warrior - Popcorn bar with printables American NInja Warrior - Water bottles with custom printables

The kids had a blast with the obstacle course that our coach set up…followed by free use of the gym.  The kids got to climb, and jump, and hang, and dive into the foam pit, and zip down the zip line, and more.

American Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

As each kid left the party, they were “awarded” with the cutest cookie medals ever!  I went to my ‘go-to cookie queen’, Bea from Auntie Bea’s Bakery and she was able to design the cookies just as I had envisioned! And they match the invitations PERFECTLY!

American NInja Warrior - Party Favors - Edible Cookie Medals

The kids absolutely LOVED them!


Thanks so much for stopping by!  Be sure to stop by in the next few days to see my major craft FAIL.  I had a CUTE idea for the kids but alas, it was one of those things that was MUCH cuter in my head than it was once executed.


  1. Super cute, as usual! How fun! Although, I swear these parties happen toooooo close together!

  2. I am so excited to plan my Warriors 7th birthday – your ideas are way cool!

  3. I’m helping plan my nephews birthday party and this party is the cutest! Would you mind sharing your printables?

  4. Love the American Ninja Warrior Party. That’s what my son wants this year if I can find a gym willing to set up an obstacle course. What your prices on print-outs & anyway you can put more blue in it to make it more patriotic?

    • Hi Jamie:

      I’m so happy that you love my son’s party. It was a fun one for sure! If you can email me (or I’ll email you), we can talk about modifying the design and the best methods for printing.


  5. christie says:

    how did you do the cookies? where did you order them?

  6. I also have a Ryan who is turning 7 and wants an American Ninja Warrior birthday party! Thanks for the ideas!

  7. Hi, can you share the printables? Its so freaky, my son Ryan is turning 7 and his OBSESSION is America Ninja Warrior. We live in Miami and found an actual place that mimics america Ninja Warrior. It’s called Ninja Lounge.
    my email is I would REALLY appreciate it!

  8. This wonderful pack is just in time for Columbus Day! I have preitnd this pack out and my daughter is working her way through the pack this week. Thank you again for all of your hard and for sharing this with everyone. Thanks for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

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