Baby Dragon 1st Birthday Party {Customer Parties}

Baby Dragon 1st Birthday

I’m so very happy to show you all the adorable dragon party that Sarah hosted for her son’s first birthday party.  I’m going to let Sarah tell about the party in her own words.  You can see more of the party on her blog:  Let Them Eat Cake Pops and find the printables in my shop:  Swish Printables on Etsy

From Sarah:

Well, it finally happened. My baby turned one. I can’t believe how fast this year went! It’s so true when they say that time flies.

When James was a wee little baby, he used to make this screeching noise along with an attacking type face (usually at my husband’s nose lol) when he was hungry, so from early on he was nicknamed as “the dragon”. So I’m sure you can guess what the theme had to be for his first party. Of course a baby dragon theme!

This post is going to be picture heavy, but that’s just because I love all the details so much. So enjoy James’ First Birthday!

**All vendor info listed at the end of the post**

First up are the cake pops. I used a dragon book that my son has for inspiration for the cake pops, I think they turned out so cute!

Baby Dragon 1st Birthday Printables - cake pops

I also did simple sprinkled cake balls because I wanted to use these spiral paper sticks, they really add a little something to the color scheme.

Baby Dragon 1st Birthday  Printables - cake pops

Baby Dragon 1st Birthday  Printables - cake pops

I found this dragon cake on Pinterest and knew that it would fit into the theme perfectly.

Baby Dragon 1st Birthday  Printables - Cake

Donna at Swish Printables made some lovely printables (as seen on the favor tags for the cake pops above and the banners below) for the party to go along with the invitations. I highly recommend her for all of your printable party needs; not only is her work super cute, but she was great to work with. Thanks Donna!

Baby Dragon Birthday Printables - Banner

Baby Dragon 1st Birthday Printables - banner

Thanks Sarah for sharing James’ party with us!  The party looks great!  I love your dragon pops and the photos of James are just adorable (head on over to her blog to see the entire party).

Baby Dragon 1st Birthday  Printables from Swish Printables

The set of printables is shown below:

Baby Dragon Birthday Printables from Swish Printables

Vendor Info:

Party Styling:   Let Them Eat Pops

Sweets:  (Cake pops, dragon cake, and smash cake): Let Them Eat Pops

Party Invites and Printables: Swish Printables (or visit on facebook or pinterest)

Happy Planning!


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