Brave-themed party {Customer Party}

When your one and only sister asks you to do a big character theme birthday party for her beautiful oldest daughter, you jump at the chance to make the day super special. Although my sister tends to throw amazing parties so the printables didn’t really add much to the theme or the party itself. That said, enjoy the photos and all of her creative ideas. The kids had a BALL!

The invitation – as close as I could get to matching the fonts and feel of the movie.  (I do admit though that I haven’t seen the movie and threw in the part about “come dressed to compete”…inspired by the Hunger Games)



Water Bottles


The kids had a ball with all the activities.  They shot the bow and arrows, rode a horse, and made necklaces.  The kids LOVED making their own necklaces!  I loved that it kept my 3 year old busy for QUITE a long time while she concentrated on threading the beads and the “fangs”.


The favors:  Will o’ the Wisps (Cotton Candy) and Bubbles with custom wraps


The beautiful birthday girl posing with her wisps, her completed necklace, and her Merida-themed shirt!


Thanks for checking out this Brave-themed birthday party.  My sister did a great job of pulling it all together.  She really thought of everything!  Great party Sister Dear!

Happy Planning!


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