Budget Minecraft Party Ideas

Budget Minecraft Party Ideas

It was inevitable!  I knew that one day, one of my kids was going to want a party that had been done a million times over.  You know the ones:  Frozen, Super Hero, Princess, Barbie, Lego, and more.  My kids have done all – and now it was time for Minecraft!   My son was insistent that this year was all about the little blurry guy and all the building fun that comes with Minecraft parties.  I didn’t want to break the bank – and I really didn’t want to do a huge (read: over-the-top) party.  I wanted to do something fun and low key – something that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg but would still be fun.   My son decided that he wanted to invite a few friends over for a Minecraft sleepover.   Hmmm – now this was an idea I could get behind! Here are my minecraft party ideas – on a budget!   I was given and/or compensated with product for this party.  This post contains links to those products. In some cases, I may receive additional compensation as a result of clicking the links.   Although I was given some of the items you see in this post, all opinions contained in this post are my own and only endorse those products that I love!
Minecraft Party Ideas - Welcome sign

My son promised me that all he wanted to do was “invite some guys over and we’ll play minecraft, eat, and hang out and watch a movie.”  Sounds fun to me!  So we narrowed down the theme and focused in on Creeper.  He’s actually a villian in the game but he loved the idea and the colors so I set off designing an invite that would keep with my “low key”, “don’t want to spend too much money”, Minecraft theme.   This cute little invite is designed to fit in a regular old envelope.  Not a specialty envelope – just a boring old plain white envelope.  (And guess what:  the 10 boys that we gave them too just RIPPED them open and threw the envelopes away!)  tee hee.

Minecraft Party Ideas - Printables Invitation - Swish Printables

Since we were doing this low key, budget minecraft party…and all we were doing was playing on our kindles/tablets/laptops, I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I ordered all of my party supplies from Wholesale Party Supplies.  If you haven’t heard of them, you should totally check them out!   Here’s what their site says:

Wholesale Halloween Costumes and Wholesale Party Supplies is the world’s newest, and most exciting, party supplies, costume and accessory etailer. We offer the same great costumes sold everywhere else at LOW WHOLESALE PRICES all year-round with NO membership fees.”

Their prices are definitely below what you can find at your local party supply store – and you can save 5% by clicking the link in my side bar and entering the code!

As I got started with my planning, I knew we were going to need a designated area for charging the kindles and tablets.  With the number of kids coming, I was sure that batteries would die and kids would be sad.   As kids came in, I labeled each cord with their name before they entered the house.  With some help from one of my friend’s daughters, she came up with the clever name of “Charging fortress”.  Isn’t that cute?   I decorated my dining room table with these cute castle themed favor boxes, some gold bar boxes, an easy plastic table runner, a few “charging fortress” signs, and turned the big picture window into a Nether Portal.  The gold bar boxes were filled with jelly bellies from our local Jelly Belly store in the mall and the castles were used as luminaries (see more on this below).

Minecraft Party Ideas - NetherPortal - Charging Station

Minecraft Party Ideas - Charging Fortress Sign

As the Minecraft builders entered Ryan’s Minecraft Village, they were greeted by the welcome sign, a party banner and a photo booth.   Since I have this low wall in my entryway and it’s painted a mocha brown, I thought it would be fun to turn it into a block of minecraft dirt/grass. I used green felt.  It looked better in my head than in execution.  But it was a kid’s party – not a styled shoot and they loved it. (Printables available in my etsy shop!)

How cute are these Castle-themed favor boxes.  I used them as luminaries – with flame-less (battery-operated) candles!   The toys were a fun addition as well.  The kids were greeted by Steve, a zombie, and Enderman action figures!    Look out! Each one came with a block and a tool/weapon.  The kids had fun creating battle scenes with these!

Minecraft Party Ideas - Castle Favor Box - Minecraft Figures

The photo booth was so fun and super easy to put together.   The products were purchased from Wholesale Party Supplies and assembled within 15 minutes – and that includes hanging the backdrop!  (I used this to make it easy!)  The background is a castle-themed brick/stone plastic table cloth and there are two stone columns on either side.  These columns were really cool.  Each package contained 6 squares that you basically just popped open and then stacked using the tabs on top of each other.  It was literally 5 minutes if that for both columns – SO fast and easy and they looked great! I can’t wait to use these again! Portable and sturdy enough for indoor use.   We added in the Steve and Creeper costume heads also from Wholesale Party Supply along with the diamond pick axe and the photo booth was complete.

Minecraft Party Ideas - Easy Photobooth Ideas2

Minecraft Party Ideas - Easy Photobooth Ideas

Minecraft Party Ideas - Easy Photobooth Ideas6 Minecraft Party Ideas - Easy Photobooth Ideas5 Minecraft Party Ideas - Easy Photobooth Ideas4 Minecraft Party Ideas - Easy Photobooth Ideas3

Since it was still light outside when the boys arrived, they played outside for awhile and then settled in for dinner and snacks. The snacks were all labeled with Minecraft-specific food names.  Stones were jelly bellies.

Minecraft Party Ideas - Fun Food Names - Printable tents Minecraft Party Ideas - Fun Food Names - Printable tents - TNT

We barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs and they munched on “sticks” (pretzels), “fish” (goldfish), and other minecraft related party foods.

minecraft-bottlewraps-1-sm Cakepops

As we finished dinner and the boys settled in for the night, they were excited to try the cake pops and the cake.   I am the FIRST to admit that I have absolutely ZERO skill when it comes to food decorating.  I’m the queen of store-bought – or I rely on my talented friends for their skills!   When I met the folks at Heavenly Cake Pops while attending the Bash Conference, I was soooo excited!   If you aren’t familiar with HCP, you HAVE to check them out! They make all sorts of wonderful products for not only the professional cake pop-maker but also for the everyday parent who likes to have fun with their kids.  Their Easy Roller is probably one of the easiest kitchen products I’ve used.   They have two sizes:  the Original Easy Roller and the Mini Easy Roller.  I knew that the original was too much for this non-kitchen-lover but the mini was just my style!

Prototype Mini Easy Roller

Photo Credit:  www.HeavenlyCakePops.com

What’s really cool about this product is that you make and cool your cake, mix it with the frosting, and then the tools help you create nice and even and smooth cakepops.  (I so need this – you should see the varying sizes when I make them!)

First you set up your frame on a sheet of wax paper.  Add a portion of your mixed dough.  Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough within the frame.
Easy Roller - cakepop prep

Once it’s rolled, you will have a section of cake that looks like this.

Easy Roller Cake Pop Maker From here, place on the easy roller (sorry – no pictures of this – they didn’t turn out.  My kitchen is too white and the photos were worse than the 2 above).  Press the lid down to make 3 rows.  Open the easy roller and change the direction of the rows and replace the lid.  Press down and glide the lid back and forth.  You’ll end up with perfectly rolled cake pops.  (You can watch THIS video for all the details – they showcase it MUCH better than I ever could.)   I actually can’t wait to use this for meatballs.  I love homemade meatballs but hate rolling them out.  This would make it so easy!

I used some cute paper straws from Wholesale Party Supplies as the sticks for my cakepops.  (Be sure to dip them in chocolate before inserting into the actual cakepops.  You’ll thank me for this tip later!)  I ended up using these black polka dot, the black chevron and then a mix of green polka dot straws.

Enderman Cake Pops - Minecraft Party Ideas - black paper straws

This is the sign that I created to warn the kids about Enderman being in the house. (The chalkboard placemats are used again here!  Did I mention that I love these things?)

Minecraft Party Ideas - Enderman warning

The final cake pops.  See – I told you I do not have the cake decorating gene!   And these were the good ones!  I should show you the “bad” ones.  Luckily the kids LOVED them.  They didn’t care that they weren’t perfect.  They just loved that there were cake pops…and cake.

Enderman Cake Pops - Minecraft Party Ideas


Since I am not a cake baker, I was looking for something easy to make.  Pinterest never fails and I found someone who had created this creeper cake and it was perfect for my skill level and patience.  They kids loved it.  It was chocolate – and I had extra chocolate pieces so everyone got some.   That’s all they cared about!

Easy Minecraft Cake Idea - Creeper Cake

Popcorn Bar

Not all of the boys who came to the party could spend the night so once they left, the boys that could stay settled in for a movie.  I set up a popcorn bar with just a few mix-ins.  I found the green divided tray at the Dollar Tree and the green popcorn boxes were from Wholesale Party Supply.  I added the creeper accent to keep with the theme.  (The circles are 2″ cupcake toppers).

Minecraft Party Ideas - Popcorn Bar

Favor Ideas

I love the idea of having different activities – especially for older kids.  The challenge with parties for boys is finding something that 1) is not too time consuming and 2) is a little bit cool.  The first idea was to make creeper face key chains out of Perler Beads (you’ll also need the Square Pegboard).  I created this fun chalkboard sign using one of the chalkboard placemats that I got from Wholesale Party Supply. (They are GREAT and so versatile!)

I sorted the perler beads into 3 green dessert cups and set everything out on our kids table.   I printed out a creeper pattern online and taped it to the back of the square pegboards so the boys could use it as a guideline.   I had the keychains already attached to several of the dark green perler beads so that all I had to do that night was use the iron.


The instructions were also written out on one of the chalkboard placemats so that they boys could start their keychains at any point during the night.

The next item in the favor box were Creeper Tic Tacs

Minecraft Party Ideas - Kids Party Favors - Tic Tacs with printables

Aren’t they cute?

Minecraft Party Ideas - Kids Party Favors - Tic Tacs with printables

The boys also took home Bubble Gum favors. I  found Hubba Bubba bubble gum at the Dollar tree and covered them with custom printables.

Minecraft Party Ideas - Kids Party Favors - bubble gum with printables

The backside

Minecraft Party Ideas - Kids Party Favors - bubble gum with printables

As the boys finished their projects, put together their gold bar boxes, and received their goodies, they stored everything in these cute gable boxes.

Minecraft Part Ideas - Gable Boxes for Favors

The other decor item that I made was a tassle garland created from plastic table cloths that I got from Wholesale Party Supplies.   You can see the tutorial on their site!  Go check it out – it’s so easy and adds a cute banner to your table decor.  (And if you want to be super-prepared, here are the links to purchase the tablecloths.  They were so thick and nice quality – much better than the local store!):

Green,  Lime Green, and Black

Minecraft Party Ideas - DIY Minecraft Banner - Tassel Tutorial - Plastic Tablecloths

The boys had a great time.  They got no sleep…ate way too much….had wild nerf wars….lightsaber battles…and giggled and laughed the whole night.


I couldn’t believe that they were up by 7:00 a.m. and ready for breakfast.   They were greeted at the breakfast table with these chalkboard placemats with a bright and happy message! (See – look how many times I used these!!!)

Minecraft Slumber Party Breakfast Sign - Chalkboard Placemat

The party was over by 10:00. And everyone had a great time.  This party mom was wiped but the hugs I got from my now 9 year old made it all worth it!

Don’t forget to pick up your party supplies while you’re shopping!  I also used these items as well.

 Minecraft party plates, napkins, cups and silverware

The kids added all of their treats and goodies and tablet chargers to these boxes so that everything was in the same place and things didn’t get mixed up.

We used these plastic cups for our drink/potion station.


Here’s where you can get the same items so you can host your own budget Minecraft Birthday Party.

Vendor List:

Printables:  Swish Printables

All Party supplies and decor:  Wholesale Party Supplies

Cake pop maker:  Heavenly Cake Pops


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  1. Great ideas Donna, my sons both love Minecraft and I showed them this party and they said “Ooohhh, cool party” Thanks for linking up to The Party Gals Linky Party.

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