End of School Free Printable

End of School Free Printable

I know – I know! Before you go all “What the heck is she thinking?” “Why is she doing end-of-school gifts for her kid’s schoolmates?”  Hear me out…I have a good reason! I LOVE TO CRAFT! And this project seriously took me 10 minutes to throw together!

End of School Free Printable


End of School Free Printable

I totally cheated and bought these Peruvian Friendship Bracelets from a great US seller on Ebay although there are a LOT of tutorials for making friendship bracelets all over Pinterest.  I just didn’t have the time so buying them worked for me!

Then I printed the free printables (Below):

Download Here

 Once the tags were printed, I created a file with my son’s name, my phone number and email on the back  (this took a couple of tries to get it to print somewhat on the center of the backside….just print on copy paper when you test it and hold it up to the backside of the tags to see how close you are.  I could live with them being a little off-center.  You could easily print on return address labels.


End of School Free Printable

Once they were punched out using my 3″ punch (which I purchased from Joann’s with a 40% off coupon), I decided to go the easy route and I just used some washi tape that I had in my stash to attach the bracelets to the back.  (Original plan was to punch a hole, tie the bracelet and make it super cute.  And then life happens (SHOCK) and I didn’t have time.)

I assembled these this morning before school while my son ate breakfast.  So once they were printed, it took me 10 minutes.  Add about 5 for printing and it’s a super fast project that looks like you spent hours on! 😉  My kind of crafting!!!

Now to figure out how to entertain the rugrats all summer! 😉

Happy Crafting!




  1. So adorable!!!!! Your creativity continues to impress me with each and every item you make! Great Job!!!

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