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Happy Valentine’s Day Swish friends!  Every year I try to come up with new printables for my kids.  This year I have TWO kids who will be passing out valentines to their classrooms.  I really wanted to find something non-candy but fun.  When I stumble upon these heart-shaped krazy straws, I KNEW I had to do “Crazy for you” free valentines for school friends.

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You may remember the last few sets of free printables that I created for Valentine’s Day:  I did bag toppers for sticky hands, tags for glow sticks, and circles that could be used as spacers in your banners or cupcake toppers.  Update:  Check out the new free printables for 2016!

Valentine Straws - krazy straws - free printables

These packages of straws from the Dollar Tree each contain 6 straws so for a class of 25, you’d need 5 packages (with a few left over).  I’m sure your kids won’t mind – because they want one too.   I did a quick price comparison to make sure that this project is still affordable, and it is!  If you typically buy the packages of Valentine’s like this or this, you’d still be spending less and having something more original than the other kids in class.  Yep – I’m that mom and I’m totally okay with it!

krazy straws- free printables for valentines day

These free printables are perfect (and super easy) to assemble.  You’ll receive four different designs.  Just print at home on white cardstock (or send to your favorite copy center).

Trim using your paper trimmer (or scissors if you don’t have one). (Although I love mine – and it’s a totally cheap one that I’ve literally had for 15 years!  Easy to change the blade and keep on cutting! I always keep blades on hand – I hate a dull trimmer.  Here are the blades that I use for mine:  Blades)

Once they are cut out (and there are 8 to page – so they are super cost-effective to print), you’ll need a hole punch.  I used my standard hole punch (like this one).  Have your child sign their name to the back prior to threading them onto the straws otherwise you’ll have to take them all off (like I did!)

Crazy for You - Valentines for School - Free Valentine's Day Printables - Krazy Straws

Here’s the pinable image so that you can save it to pinterest in case you don’t have time to do it this year!

Valentines for School - Free Printables

Download the Crazy Straw Printables here:  FREE VALENTINE PRINTABLES

Would love to see your projects!  If you post on Instagram, be sure to tag me @swishprintables and use this hashtag:  #swishkrazystraw

Happy Valentine’s Day


This post contains sponsored links from


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