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If you have a child under the age of, oh…let’s say ten…you probably know that one of the most anticipated movies of 2014 is Disney’s Frozen and this means that a frozen birthday party is in your future and wading through all the ideas on pinterest is super important!

As we approached the release date for the Blu-Ray and the inevitable journey of Elsa and Anna into our home, I had hoped that my daughter would stick with our original theme for her fourth birthday:  Mary Poppins.   Sadly poor Mary was pushed to the wayside as the sweet tunes of Let It Go, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, and Love is an Open Door filled our humble abode and now daily journeys to the North Mountain became an ever-present activity.  Which also meant that a frozen birthday party was definitely coming our way!

Since I am a printables designer, it was important to me to design an invite that was a bit different from the 3,860 other invitations that are currently showing up when you search on Etsy for Frozen birthday party invitations.   (Yes – I just went and searched!)  Lucky for me, I love a creative challenge so I decided that for this party, we were going to take a trip  – one that required the boarding pass you see below.

Frozen Boarding Pass - Birthday Invitation - Original Design - Swish Printables

As our guests arrived, they were greeted with the following signs welcoming everyone to our frozen birthday party!  The first one is a chalkboard sign that I picked up while I was at the Snap Conference last year.  I tried to find one similar online but couldn’t find an exact match.  Here’s one that was similar.  Anyway, I hung mine on our front door as a way to greet our guests.

Welcome Chalkboard Sign

This one is a printable that I created and hung on the door to the backyard.  I embellished it with this snowflake ribbon that I had leftover from my advent calendar that I made a few years ago.   If found this one online at

Frozen Party Printables - Welcome Sign - North Mountain

Once you arrived in the backyard, the party goers had their choice of a variety of sweets as they prepared for their journey.  (I mean what’s a frozen birthday party without yummy snow-inspired treats?)  We had chocolate dipped marshmallows (Kristoff’s Iced Marshmallows), chocolate dipped strawberries (Anna’s Frozen Hearts), frosted sugar cookies from Auntie Bea’s Bakery, snowflake-themed cupcakes and chocolate dipped oreos (also from Auntie Bea’s), and carrots (Olaf’s nose).

Frozen Birthday Party with Printables and Sweets

My little hooligans!  The birthday girl did NOT want to pose for a picture. These were the best that I could get. She wouldn’t even wear her Elsa dress that I somehow scored at our local target!



They’re still adorable though!

Frozen Birthday Party Details

I really want to share the amazing sweets that I ordered from Auntie Bea’s Bakery.  She’s seriously amazing.  I’m actually NOT a big fan of cupcakes – so many are dry with heavy frosting.  But hers – let me tell you – are delicious. Even today (3 days after the party) – they are still yummy and moist!  There are lots of pictures to come – not only of the cupcakes but of all the treats that Bea created…including the cupcakes, chocolate covered oreos, and all of the sugar cookies.

As part of my party prep, I purchased one of the inexpensive Wilton cupcake stands and blinged it out with the FloraCraft Diamond Wrap.  (I also used this throughout the party and have a lot left over!  A little goes a long way!)

Frozen cupcake fondant snowflakes glitter teal aqua blue silver

Frozen chocolate covered oreosFrozen dessert table - tulle wreath - snowflake theme tablescape

Frozen Party sugar cookies - 4th birthday party printables - sweets table

Frozen Party cupcakes - 4th birthday party printables - sweets tableFrozen 4th Birthday cake and cupcakes

Frozen Chocolate covered Oreo - snowflakes sparkly trees - let it goSnowflake sugar cookies - Frozen party - printables - sweets tableFrozen Sweet Table - Oreo Cookie - Chocolate covered yumminess

I created Anna’s Frozen Hearts by melting some Wilton White Candy Melts which are super easy to use.  Just melt (slowly – and follow the directions on the package) and just dip them right in.  Place them on wax paper until the chocolate hardens. (First I cut out the green tops and cut a heart-shape in the top).

Anna's Frozen Hearts - chocolate covered strawberries - Frozen food tents

There are tons of ideas floating around pinterest if you were to search for ‘frozen birthday party food” and rather than do the something that might melt, I opted to use these GIANT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows  from Kraft  and dip them in the same white chocolate. I added in some clear sprinkles, silver sprinkles, and little blue balls and voila – super easy and pretty.  The kids all loved them.

Kristoff's Marshmallow Pops - Ice Cubes - Frozen

Frozen Party Food - Olaf Noses - Printable Food Tents

Easy Frozen Party decorations

One of our sweet guests enjoying the sweets!


One of my absolute favorite items that I HAD to have for this party is this fabulous wreath that I got from Fizzy Party.  Isn’t it PERFECT?  And I can’t wait to use it next winter!  She does all kinds of great things with tulle!  You should see the things she does with it.

Frozen themed party wreath - winter snowflake christmas wonderland one-derland

As guests traveled through the movie, we visiting Olaf and helped him find his missing nose.

Pin the Nose on Olaf - Frozen party game for kids

Pin the nose on Olaf - Frozen Party Pictures We also ran into a snow storm while playing some reindeer games.   Here is the area where the kids played the musical snowflake game.

Frozen Party Printables - Reindeer Games Sign

The idea is similar to musical chairs but instead of leaving one child out each time, you were eliminated from the game if you ended up on the plate that had the fire on it.  The fire melted your snowflake and you were out.  My daughter helped make all the snowflakes using glitter glue and then scribbled colored the fire on the bottom of one of the plates.

(Excuse the very rough photos and artwork – they were co-created by me and my 4 year old)

Musical Snowflakes: Frozen Kids Activity: Musical Chairs-Inspired Game When the music stops, you stand on a plate. If your plate has the "fire" underneath it, you melt and you're out.

The “Happy Birthday” printable banner

Frozen Printable Happy Birthday Banner

The backyard was decked out in all the snow-y goodness that has befallen Arendale. The kids enjoyed travelling to the North Mountain and visiting Elsa’s Ice Castle (also known as our family trampoline).  In this case, totally decked out for the party!

Elsa's Ice Castle - also known as our family trampoline

Don’t you love the ice steps that helped the kids into the castle? Great, right?

Ice castle staircase - Frozen Party Decor

And in case they didn’t know where they were, there was a sign designating that it was THE Ice Castle.

Frozen Party Printables - Elsa's Ice Castle Sign

The party guests continued their sweet journey with Elsa’s Punch (Blue Hawaiian Punch and Sprite).  The snowflakes were made ahead of time using this silicon mold. I used Sprite for the ice cubes. 

Frozen party punch - blue party punch

Elsa's Party Punch - Frozen Party Drinks and Food Frozen Party - Snowflake Ice Cubes - Made out of Sprite

The party guests had their choice of beverages. In addition to the Elsa Punch, we couldn’t have a Frozen-themed party without “Melted Snowman” drinks.  Ours had a special disclaimer that said: “Please see Elsa to return to snowman state.”

Frozen Printables - water bottle labels

Frozen Printables - water bottle labels

We also had a snowcone bar which the kids LOVED.

Snowcone Station - Frozen Party Treats Frozen Party - Snowcone Spoons - Party Decor - Party decorations - easy DIY

The final game we played was “pass the present”.  Honestly the only reason we played this game was because I thought it would be fun.  I wrapped an inexpensive handheld bubble machine in several layers of paper and a LOT of packing tape. The kids were able to try to open it while the music was playing. Each child got 20 seconds and then had to pass it to the next person.


Enjoying the trampoline!





As the party guests returned home, everyone received Olaf Stickers and an Olaf cookie.  The girls received Elsa crowns from Joann Fabrics and the boys received Ninja Turtle washcloths from the Dollar Tree. (Yes – I know Ninja Turtles don’t exactly mesh with the whole Frozen party theme but I ran out of time to make them Kristoff belts. )

Olaf sugar cookies - frozen favors

Frozen Party Favors


The final touches for the sweets table is the blinged out “4” and the glass magnets that I created using glass marbles and cutouts of Anna and Elsa and snowflakes.

Easy Frozen Party Decor Easy Frozen Party Decorations - Dollar Tree Magnets Easy Frozen Party Decorations - Dollar Tree Magnets

Would love it if you’d pin this collage for me!

Frozen Party Ideas - Printables by Swish Printables

Thank you so much to my amazing vendors, friends and family! My daughter had so much fun celebrating with you.

Check out my Frozen Trunk or Treat decor!

Vendor Credits

Party Styling and Printables:  Swish Printables
Cupcakes, Sugar Cookies, and Chocolate Covered Oreos: Auntie Bea’s Bakery
Tulle Snowflake Wreath:  Fizzy Party


And just to see if you are still here, here is what happens when it’s too windy out.  My backdrop totally fell INTO the cupcakes! 😉  Whoops!



  1. Hi, how do you stand up the backdrop curtain? It looked awesome!!

  2. What a fabulous party for your daughter!! I know so many kids who would love it!! Plus, the desserts are perfection along with your awesome printables!

    • Thanks Kelley! My daughter LOVED it! Now if only Anna and Elsa could have come. Next time! 🙂 (oh – and Bethany from Auntie Bea’s Bakery ALWAYS does a fab job on the sweets! )

  3. Such a sweet and awesome party! Loved all the super cute details!

  4. Katee Cooper says:

    Hi Donna,
    We are planning a frozen party at home with our family for our daughter, Addison. How did you print the Olaf poster for “Pin the nose on Olaf” so large? Did you have it done at a print shop? Where did you get the image?
    I appreciate your help! 🙂
    Katee Cooper
    Elegant Writing by KKC

  5. Awesome party. Nice work, so many ideas and lovely details. Lucky kids!I would also be interested to have the file for the “Olaf pin the nose” game. Thanks!

  6. Hi Donna,
    I was wondering if I could get your food cards and also the ready to print olaf. Where would I look to order or download these?

    Thanks so much!

  7. Hi great job with the party…….I wanted to know how can I print the bday banner advance


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