Frozen Trunk or Treat Ideas

Frozen Trunk or Treat Ideas

For Halloween, my daughter’s preschool did not have your everyday traditional Halloween party.  The school invites the parents to decorate their trunks and all the preschoolers get to come trick or treating.  It’s fun…and cute…and everything that you’d think that a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds would be on Halloween.    When I asked my daughter what she wanted to be for Halloween, it was a hands-down…look at me like I’m crazy answer:  “ELSA of course!”.   I mean how could I be so dumb, right?  Is there anyone else that a 4 year old wanted to be for Halloween?   Which of course led me to my next question:  “How should I decorate my trunk for the party?”   Again, the incredulous look and response:  “The North Mountain!”.   Again, the attitude was shining through with this one!  ha ha.   So a Frozen Trunk or Treat themed trunk is what we went with.  As part of this competition and in writing this post, I was given and/or compensated with product.  This post contains links to those products. In some cases, I may receive additional compensation as a result of clicking the links.   All opinions contained in this post are my own.

I didn’t have a lot of time to throw this together so I pulled many of the decorations that I used from her Frozen-themed 4th Birthday (see the details here).   You’ll likely recognize the fabric, the fun wreath from Fizzy Party, and my printables.   The snowflake garland was ordered from Etsy (and ended up not making the cut for the actual party so I used it here instead.).

Frozen Trunk or Treat Ideas - Elsa Trick or Treat

Frozen trunk or treat DIY ideas

Elsa and Anna Frozen Trunk or Treat ideas

My favorite part of the theme this year is the custom Elsa Trick or Treat bag that I made.  I used a large black bag, a stencil of Elsa, white colored pencil (to use with the template), a regular pencil, and glow in the dark fabric paint.    Print out your stencil, using the white pencil, lightly “scribble” over the stencil ON THE BACK of the paper.  Next you’ll place the stencil on your bag with the scribble side down and use the regular pencil to trace over the stencil.  This will transfer the white pencil onto your black fabric.  Now you have a template to trace using your paint.   It sounds harder than it is.  Check out Pinterest if you have trouble – there are a lot of tutorials.

Custom Elsa Trick or Treat Bag - DIY - Glow in the Dark Paint

This is what it looked like while the paint was still wet.


My little Elsa – she wanted me to put snowflakes on her hand.   Love this girl!


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