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Kitty Party Ideas

When I started to plan my daughter’s 5th birthday party, like moms all around the globe, I asked her:  “What kind of party do you want? It can be anything you want!”  She promptly replied with: “I want a KITTY PARTY!”  And so the kitty party was born!  I was given and/or compensated with product.  This post contains links to those products. In some cases, I may receive additional compensation as a result of clicking the links.   All opinions contained in this post are my own.


Since Natalie’s favorite color is purple, we used that as our color scheme.  From the purple backdrop to the runner on the table, we used as many shades of purple as we could.  The party was a huge success – especially in her eyes (which is why I do it!!!)!   I’ll share all my tips and tricks below so that you can recreate your very own Kitty Party!

Kitty Party Ideas - purple cupcakes

These gorgeous cupcakes are from Bethany over at Auntie Bea’s Bakery.  Not only were they pretty to look at but they tasted great too.  The girls loved that they were sparkly.  The photos don’t do them justice!

Kitty Party Ideas - custom cupcakes and glitter toppers

Andrea from Paper+Pop created the gorgeous cupcake toppers – the 5’s were perfect and many of the girls took them home after the party!   The mini bunting (with the 5s on it) added a fun and easy way to decorate my crystal cake stands (which are just 2 different size stands that I stacked on top of each other).


The white stuffed kitty was purchased my my local craft store for about $7 and I’ll admit it was a “whim” purchase.  Turns out to be something that my daughter LOVES.  Like she seriously loves that little cat.  You can get a similar Stuffed Kitty on Amazon.

The “meow” letters are blank chipboard letters from my local Michaels story.  I printed out the patterns from  the printables and covered the letters using spray glue and some scissors.

Kitty Party Ideas

Since cats love to play with balls of yarn, I made a few matching balls of yarn to randomly place around the table.   I also have pom-poms (puff balls is what we call them) on the table because they reminded me of yarn.  (The ones I got are similar to these.)

Kitty Party Ideas - sparkly cupcakes and cookies


The number one thing that the girls could not WAIT to eat were these cookies from Auntie Bea’s Bakery.  I sent her a copy of the invite (see below) and she created the perfect matching cookies!  AMAZING.   The girls couldn’t decide if they wanted to eat the sparkly purple 5 or the kitties.

Kitty Party Ideas

Another part of the table decorations were small ‘mice’.  I purchased a set of 3 mice-shaped cat toys at our local Walmart. Although the ones I got at Walmart are fine and looked great, I just found better/cuter ones on Amazon!

Kitty Party Ideas

When I decided to display the cookies, I opted to set the cookies on a “bed” of purple jelly beans.  These ones were some that I picked up at Target after Easter and they ended up being the perfect color for the party. I also used these same beans as decor for the table.


You can see the little cups of jelly beans below.

Kitty Party Ideas - custom sugar cookies

I then purchased an easel (similar to the one in this link) to add a welcome sign to her party.   Insider tip:  if you’re going to write on a chalkboard, skip the old-fashioned chalk!  Get chalk pens!  They are so much easier and cleaner to write with.  Worth the money.   These are the one that I bought but really you could use any brand.  Just make sure that they are for chalkboards. (I know…sounds funny…but they aren’t all erasable!)

Kitty Party Ideas - custom cookies, welcome sign, jelly belly


The girls (and their moms) LOVED that I served chocolate malt balls in kitty bowls.  This was a NEW set that I purchase just for this party .  The girls had fun eating kitty food!Kitty Party Ideas - cat bowls as serving bowls water bottle labels and printables .  The girls had fun eating kitty food!

Kitty Party Ideas - water bottle labels, printable labels

The water bottle labels are part of the new kitty collection available in my etsy shop Kitty Water Bottle Labels - available on Etsy - Printables by Swish Printables

Before the girls ate their cupcakes, they picked out a tiara, and their beanie boo kitties.  (The tiara that I purchased were similar to these but the ones I purchased were sold individually through my local party city.)
Kitty Party Ideas

The jelly bean cups are decorated with the printables from my etsy shop.   These are the 3/4″ circles and I used a 3/4″ punch. Kitty Party Ideas for girls

These are the Beanie Boos that each girl got to take home as their party favor.  I spent the same on these stuffed animals as I would have a goodie bag.  And they get to keep these. 🙂

Kitty Party Ideas - Beanie Boo - Favor Ideas, Printable name banner

Kitty Party Ideas - Favor ideas - beanie boos - custom favor tags

Kitty Party Ideas - Favor ideas - beanie boos - custom favor tags

Kitty Party Ideas - Beanie Boo - Favor Ideas, Printable name banner


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