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Lego Birthday Party

Lego birthday Cake

(Awesome cake made by my friend Rachel!)

Last year, my son had a star wars themed birthday party – which I will publicly say was my FAVORITE party that I’ve thrown for him.  So when I asked him what he wanted for a theme for this year’s party, I was a little sad to hear “Star Wars of course”.  This decision was made … oh…. maybe 2 weeks after his 5th birthday. Thank goodness I had about a year to convince him to change his mind.

The one thing that stayed constant was his love for legos. So his plan changed from “star wars” to “star wars legos” to just “legos”. (Mommy wins THAT one).   When we decided to hold the party at the local ice creamery (yay for groupon!), I was more than a little dismayed to hear that he wanted both ice cream AND the legos prominently featured on the invite.   Hmm – I’m always up for a challenge so I started designing.

After about 5 (or was it 6?) failed attempts to create a cute ice cream sundae out of legos for the invite, I gave up and designed a lego man, custom backgrounds (about 4 of them), and played around with the lego font (which is terrible IMO).  After another 4-5 proofs, I decided that the only way to finish it was to bring in the boss:  the kid himself.  HE needed to be the one to decide.  I showed him the proof with the lego backgrounds, the proofs with the ice cream cones, the proof with the lego man and told him:  You can pick ONE of them.

He promptly decides that he wants the lego man AND the ice cream cone.  Being the logical woman that I am, I calmly begin to explain to my almost 6 year old that the card is only so big and that to fit BOTH graphics AND the wording, that it just.won’  There’s just no way!

And he looks at me like I’m the dingiest mom around and says so matter of factly:  “Ummm – well, why can’t the lego man HOLD the ice cream?!?”

Me (thinking to myself): ” I AM the dumbest designer and mom around – of COURSE the lego man can hold the ice cream”.

And voila – the lego man birthday invitation was born.

To really drive home the “ice cream” theme, I ordered custom wooden spoons and twine from Nicole over at Sophie’s Big Day.   I loved how they looked and it was super easy to do.

Lego Birthday Party Invite

I had a lot of fun planning for this party.  I knew for sure that I wanted to do lego man crayons (which I purchased off of ebay).  The ice creamery was providing a coloring area for the kids and the lego men were perfect instead of the traditional crayons.

The kids happily colored while we waited for the food…

Lego Crayon Party Favors

The favor table:  Water bottles from the Dollar Tree with matching inserts.  I designed the inserts to match the party.


In case anyone needed to know what to “do” at the party.  Lego Welcome Sign

Gorgeous and yummy cookie favors from Auntie Bea’s. Everyone LOVED the cookies and could hardly wait until the party was done so they could take one with them!

Lego Birthday Cookies

Photo of the spoons from Sophie’s Big Day Lego Party Spoons - Wooden Spoons

Lego candies Lego Party Favors

On the tables Lego Party Table

The Birthday Boy Lego Party - Birthday Boy - Ice Cream Social

Check out that HUGE sundae!  Leatherby’s definitely knows how to celebrate!  Everyone got a part of this HUGE sundae and then had MORE toppings to add to it (sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, etc).

ryans6thbirthday 116

It was a great great party!

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Lego Ice Cream Birthday Party Ideas


Printables: Swish Printables

Cookies: Auntie Bea’s Bakery

Wooden Spoons and Twine:  Sophie’s Big Day

Location: Leatherby’s Family Creamery

Lego Candies: Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe

Cups:  Dollar Tree


  1. The party turned out SO cute! We did a Lego party last year (and Star Wars the year before, too!) and your details are amazing! I love the spoon on the invitations.

    p.s We’re doing a karate/ninja party this year if you’d like to follow trend 😉 Haha

    • Heather – I love it! I think that boys just love the same things, right? And you’ll totally laugh! We’re going a different route for 7 (at least as of now…) We’ll see what he decides come November!

  2. We have a certain almost-6-year-old who loves Lego, too! Thanks for the fabulous decorating and treats ideas.


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