Party Planning {Impulse Buys}

Please tell me that you are like me….make me feel a little bit better, kay?

So here’s how the story goes: the NIGHT (yes I said ‘night’) before my son’s birthday party, I decided that I was going to make some marshmallow pops and decided to rush over to Joann Fabrics. I knew that they always had a wide variety of Wilton Chocolate Melts and I had hoped to find red and possibly black.

I was in luck – they had them and I was all set to check out until I had another great idea…because it wasn’t bad enough that I was going to whip up 25 dipped marshmallows at 8:15 at night … the day before the party.

I of course needed to shop for fabric.  I could totally whip up a fabric runner tonight too.  And then I found all the awesome sales they were having.  Thirty minutes later, I had my entire backdrop changed in my mind because I fell in LOVE with this black and white felt. YES – I said “FELT”. Luckily for their app and coupons, I was able to score 2 yards and knew that my display would be perfect!

American NInja Warrior - Backdrop fabric

Don’t you LOVE it!?!

And then I spent the rest of the night having my husband cut my stand down by about 18″, created the red curtain (easy) and worked on the rest of the display. Can’t wait to show it to you tomorrow!

Oh – and you’ll have to ask me sometime about how I went into Party City to pick up TWO $.99 scoops and ended up spending $25 on party supplies – most of which you’ll see at my son’s party.

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