Pick Me to Party – {Swish Branding – New Business Cards}

My new business cards – and a marketing challenge!

Challenge 1: Re-design

As I prepped for the snap conference, I knew I needed to update my business cards. The old ones weren’t printed on the best paper – the colors weren’t as vibrant as I wanted – and they were quite honestly: pretty darn UGLY!  So I began re-designing my cards to more closely match my online sites.  As I finished up, I enlisted the help of my husband and he helped me finalize my new design!  I was thrilled to have them printed by a local printer:  Custom Word in Rocklin, CA. They are awesome!  Theresa helped me with the colors and they were SUPER fast and a great deal too!  You can’t go wrong working with them!

Swish Business Cards – front and back

Swish Business Cards

Challenge 2: Make them stand out! (or: make people remember me)
Once they were designed, I was on to my next challenge.  I really wanted to do something “cute” to include with my cards at the Snap Conference…I just didn’t know what.  I thought about candy…little treats…and even skipping business cards all together in favor of doing something like cupcake toppers or mini buntings.   Both of those ideas were SQUASHED quickly because the thought of creating 200 of them…transporting…and then having the recipient have to figure out what to do with them was just “too much”.

And then I went back to my basic marketing classes in college and answered this question:  “What do I want the person that I’m giving my card to do?”   Other than “remember me”, the next obvious answer was:

PICK ME when you want to have a party!  Let me design your printables!  

So after a brainstorming session, I did a bunch of research and ordered these little babies – complete with my logo.

Get it?  “Pick Me”?  

Pick Me

And now it’s time to figure out how to attach them…200 cards…200 envelopes…Let the assembly line begin!

photo (1)
Then it was on to the tags:  “Pick me to Party”

photo (3) I worried about whether they’d be cute enough – or clever enough.  And then realized that I love them so even if everyone else doesn’t get it – or think it’s a cute idea…that’s okay too!  (Leave me a comment – let me know what you think!)

photo (8)

All boxed up and ready to go!

photo (4)

See you all at Snap!  Be sure to look for me and get one of my cards!

Happy Planning!

Love, Donna


  1. I want one! Can’t wait to see you there. Great idea for the cards!

  2. That is an AWESOME idea! Great job 🙂 Can’t wait to see them in person.

  3. I am glad I was able to reassure you 🙂 They are AWESOME…

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