SacraTomato Recipe Round Up – Free Printables

As a result of the Snap Conference a few months ago (has it really been a few month?!?), I met some GREAT local bloggers- ones that practically live in my backyard!  As a result of meeting each other, we are sharing ideas and generally just getting to know each other.  But most importantly, we are collaborating!    When Kelley of Eat Drink Eat asked if anyone was interested in sharing recipes that included tomatoes to celebrate what so many of us Sacramentans call “SacraTomato”, I wondered if there was a way I could participate.  I mean, I’m a party planner NOT a cook/chef!  But I do design CUTE printables…so I did what most graphic artists would do:  I designed some free printables for you.

Top 10 Tomato Recipes from EatDrinkEat blog with Free Printables

You’ll want to head over to Eat Drink Eat to see the Top 10 Tomato recipes….and pick up your free printables!  I love recipe cards – what do you think?




Enjoy the delicious recipes – – – and be sure to download your free printable recipe card!   It would be a great addition to your recipe collection (please tell me I’m not the only one who loves to go through my old card file.  There’s just something about pulling out a tried and true recipe!).  It would also be super cute as a tag when you drop off a meal for that new mom/dad, your neighbor who has an ailment and you’re bringing by dinner, or even as a thank you card for your friend who loves to garden and brings you a supply of her fresh, home-grown tomatoes!

Now I’m hungry – I think I’ll go make some salsa!  😉


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