Summer Pool Party – Cheetah Tween Pool Party

Tween Pool Party Ideas

Looking for cute printables for your upcoming pool party?  Look at this adorable party submitted by one of my customers!  Her daughter wanted a “cheetah pool party” – which is absolutely perfect for her big cat loving tween!   Look at all the creative touches this party host added to make the cheetah tween pool party a huge hit!

I’ll kick off the party with these ADORABLE (and easy to assemble) table decorations. The hostess purchased the clear vases, blue filler (also known as “shred”), and packages of goggles at the dollar store.  After enlarging and cutting out the graphics, she glued each shape to a standard bamboo skewer (like the kind you use in the kitchen).   She actually painted hers white but you could also leave them natural. Or if you wanted to get f-a-n-c-y, you could use sparkly glitter glue and really wow your party goers!

Cheetah tween pool party ideas - centerpiece beach party

Every child (young and old) will appreciate this cupcake display.  Not only does it hold a LOT of cupcakes, but these cupcakes are frosted to look like beach waves!  This is super easy to accomplish using standard wilton tips and your favorite buttercream frosting recipe (or you can cheat like I usually do and buy the pre-made frosting).  Bake the cupcakes in a basic cupcake liner and wrap them with cupcake wrappers.  (You don’t bake in the printable wrappers – these are cut to size and taped around the cupcakes when you set up for the party.  If you need instruction or haven’t seen this before, please message me.  I’m happy to help!)

Don’t forget to check out the “pool water”!  The hostess used a variety of blue candy for the water (jelly bellies, etc) and used a gummy life savor for the raft and a sour patch kid for the kid on the inner tube!  SO cute!

Pool party - cupcake display - tween party ideas

Pool party - cupcake toppers - tween party ideas Pool party - cupcake toppers - tween party ideas Pool party - cupcake toppers - tween party ideas Pool party - cupcake toppers - tween party ideas Pool party - cupcake toppers - tween party ideas
The party goers were grateful for the large supply of water!  Who knew kids could get so thirsty swimming!  I love how the hostess used the 2″ circles (sold as cupcake toppers) as decor throughout the party.  This is one of my favorite tricks when throwing a party.  Use those circles EVERYWHERE!  I like to use them on my disposable cups to give them a little more personality.

Pool Beach Party Ideas - water station

Pool Beach Party - Water Bottle Labels - Printables

A happy birthday banner was hung over the cupcake/dessert station  – it was the perfect place to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday as well as a way to draw the guest over to see the sweets.   Check out what she did with the ends of the banner ribbon!  No dangling ribbons at this party!
Pool Party - Happy Birthday Banner

Pool Party - Happy Birthday Banner Printable

The food was kept pretty minimal. Here’s a few photos of some of the fun touches.  I love the “pool water” but check out the “fish and chips” and the “beach balls”! So clever!

Pool Party Dessert Table Pool Party - Party Food - Fun Food Ideas Pool Party - Fun Food Names

The present table had a SUPER easy banner decorating the front of the table.  All you need is two pool noodles in coordinating colors, scissors (or utility knife), and some heavy cording or rope. Cut the noodles in varying widths and thread onto the rope. Alternate colors and sizes for an original design! Pool Party - Birthday Present table decor

The kids at the party got to take home beach balls.  The hostess made it super simple and purchased a variety of colored beach balls from the Dollar Tree.  Placed them all in a coordinating basked and attached this 8×10 sign to the front.   Other ideas for party favors include squirt guns, super soakers, goggles, flip flops, or if your budget allows, beach towels and/or sunglasses.

Pool Party Favor ideas

Now that summer is almost here, these printables are available in my Etsy shop.   Be sure to pin the collage below so that you can remember where you saw the cheetah pool party tween birthday party ideas!  Cheetah Pool Party- Tween Birthday Ideas


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