Kitty Party for Girls

Kitty Party Ideas When I started to plan my daughter’s 5th birthday party, like moms all around the globe, I asked her:  “What kind of party do you want? It can be anything you want!”  She promptly replied with: “I want a KITTY PARTY!”  And so the kitty party was born!  I was given and/or [Read On]

Bubble Guppies Birthday Party Printables

Bubble Guppies Birthday Party Everybody line up! It’s time for Bubble Guppies! My daughter turned two and is OBSESSED with the bubble guppies…or as she likes to call them:  “Buppies”.  I’ve never hosted a character party but knew I didn’t want to go down to the local party store and buy the off-the-rack party supplies. [Read On]

A little something “extra”

My son (who started Kindergarten yesterday) informed me that his new teacher would be celebrating her birthday TODAY!  After about 30 seconds of trying to figure out what to do for her, I knew it would have to come from our home – there was no time to run to the store or Starbucks for [Read On]