Christmas Elf Breakfast

My kids can hardly wait for the return of our Elf on the Shelf.  His name is Joey and he loves to hide in our home, bring small gifts (if the kids are good), and cause a little mischief.  Although Joey arrived a few days ago, he waited until today to bring our annual Christmas [Read On]

Summer Fun for Kids – Summer Snowman

I’m so happy to participate in a summer day camp hosted by Alanna over at The Craft Nest.  Each week you’ll find a new craft for you to create/assemble/put together with your kids…or perhaps YOU are the kid at heart and want to get a little crafty? The first Camp Instructor is Rebecca from Finding My [Read On]

Christmas Elf – Printable Packs

Breakfast Welcome Party Ideas I’m SO very excited to introduce you all to my new line of printables which were photographed yesterday by the SUPER talented Katie of KT Moffitt Photography.   The concept is definitely not new!  We have loved Joey since he first came to visit our house a few years ago.  The wonder and [Read On]