Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Bag toppers

I love Valentine’s Day – but not for the reasons you might think. I actually hate the over-played Hallmark sentiments.  But what I DO love are all the hearts…the sweet sentiments…and gifts homemade and from the heart.   If you feel like you HAVE to do it – then I don’t want it. 🙂  Give me your handdrawn picture – the stickers you gathered – the weeds flowers that you picked.  Or better yet:  do something nice for me.   And if you make it pretty or cute,  I love it even more!

That said, I still love my sweets and treats.  And these little mini cookies are just perfect!  (Have you had mini sugar cookies?  There’s like next-to-no guilt, which means no calories, right?  RIGHT?)  Last year for Valentine’s Day, my son and I assembled these for the Kindergarten Valentine’s Day party. I ordered the mini cookies from my sweet friend Bethany from Auntie Bea’s Bakery.  We gave each classmate two cookies – and they were a huge hit!

The bags I used were the standard wilton bag (top measures 3.5″).  Just add the cookies and fold the topper over it.  I used doublestick tape on these but I’ve also used glue or a stapler.  Sweets aren’t your thing?  How about sticky hands (I have FREE printables for those!), erasers, bouncy balls, plastic rings, or candy? You can really add just about anything to the bag.

Valentine's Day Gifts - Bag toppers for Valentines Day - printables by Swish Printables

Cute and easy, right?

These are available now in my Etsy shop.  Head on over now to get yours.

Take a look at some of the free printables available here, here and here.


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